Radical transformation of Buddhist priest society under the guidance of Jathika Hela Urumaya of Sri Lanka

(August 02, 2011 - w3lankaVen. Wewelduwe Gnanaprabha Thero may mark the Buddhist history tomorrow as the world's first Buddhist monk to hold a post of Mayor, Sri Lanka's Buddhist monk party Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) sources say.

The reverend Mayor is to assume duty tomorrow 11.22 a.m. at the Embilipitiya Urban Council. The Buddhist priest contested the local government election from the ruling United People's Freedom alliance (UPFA) under coalition party Jathika Hela Urumaya ticket and achieved 5895 preferential votes coming to the first position of the list. UPFA General Secretary Susil Prema Jayantha earlier said that the Mayor position was not suitable for a Buddhist monk since issuing licenses for butcheries also are in the duties of the post. The Thero threatened to fast unto death unless he is given the post.

Now there are Buddhist priest politicians in all strata of politics sans the cabinet. There may be certain Buddhist monks that are aspiring to be the leader of Sri Lanka.

The JHU is actually causing a radical transformation in the Buddhist Sangha of Sri Lanka. Although it is not the first political party to bring a Buddhist priest to parliament, it changed the terrain in 2004 April by bringing in a number of popular Buddhist orators into the parliament contesting independently.

The changes taking place in the Buddhist priest community of Sri Lanka is further shifting it away from the original preaching of Lord Biddha.

The Buddhist priests urge the government to grant them driving licenses and the posts of registrars of marriage also.

මේ ලිපියට ඔබ කැමති නම් වෙන අයත් එක්කත් බෙදා ගන්න

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  1. Why are these ppl killing Buddhism? The whole reason of being a Monk is to live devoid of materialistic pleasures.

    Real Buddhism is DEAD and all these worthless religions are born :(


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