Disce aut Discede - People, you learn or depart (this hell)

'Disce aut Discede', the cliche Latin motto of Colombo Royal College means 'Learn or Depart'.

Amidst false Sinhala madness show of the ruling and business elite, Royal College, the school of  their offspring and the major alma mater of identity crisis of many petty-royalists, still sings its College anthem in Latin.

Yesterday, they symbolically showed who they are. No difference with the President's old school Thurston and Cheena Koratuwa Vidyaloka of Galle. Cheers!

Old Royal stories are history now. Colonial era social elite had ethics, at least at dining tables of their clan despite whatever behaviour they wielded before domestic and plantation or factory labourers in their unsocial lives.

But this is the present day elite of this country. The shit Royals. Read elsewhere how one of their so-called prefects, definitely a future rogue that will rule or administer affairs of this country, robbed memory chips that contained their blood stained acts from the journos.

These are the offspring of the gutter capitalists that elevated into wealth and power amassed through offence and they showed their origin.

They will rule this hell tomorrow. Expect worse!

මේ ලිපියට ඔබ කැමති වුණත්, අකැමැති වුණත් වෙන අයත් එක්කත් බෙදා ගන්න. උපුටා ගන්නවා නම් ‍මෙතැනින් ගත් බව කියන්න -->


  1. Sri Lankans are feudalistic. they are still narrow minded,xenophobic, violent and even some of them casteist. offspring of the Sri Lankan gutter capitalists are feudalistic because they never been thoroughly exposed to industrial capitalism. if you wanna criticize capitalism in sri lanka talk about objective relations to the means of production, not about so called individuals subjective attitudes.

  2. Why didn't their Principal shoot them down ? Aren't they Colonels ????

    1. I wonder weather this Colonel thing is working. just another showing off. BTW These young bastards are well suited for politics

  3. "Peasants with money..." that's the simple problem in Sri Lanka.

    You give many facets it all goes to one thing and that is Sri Lanka getting ever more peasants with black money than the country and its systems could handle.

    Whether good or bad, other countries even do not allow students to enter classroom without proper attire, shoes and complete set of tools (books, calculators, etc. ) because they teach, at the end of the day "You Are on Your Own!". This is how you create a Value in Education - It has a price to pay (its an investment). If the parents can't afford yet the student is bright enough the social security and charity systems come into play - but again till that kid dies the value of support he/she got remains in the mind cos the Education has a great value and cost in the society. This is not capitalism or any bloody thing but this is a simple fact, that separate good things from bad and maintain the order in a society.

    What happened in Sri Lanka? The complete opposite! Non Tax Payers equally enjoy the top level elite facilities at the cost of everyone else. The value of free education has gone even less than a "plain tea" (I know school kids absent from school and go with friends assuming they get a good meal/fun/ etc. which is more valuable for them than getting the education.) And after 60 years, the same society consist of several generations of these people who doesn't care of the quality of education or its value or where it should be in the priority list of basic needs or government policies, Ask the so called funny questions - What has done this free education system to the country - all products are useless (including themselves), they don't contribute to the development of the country, we are in the same shit hole as we used to... Its pretty easy to blame the tool if the monkey doesn't know how to use it!

    guys, I'm not against free education at all. What we need is equal opportunity where money is not a significant factor for the entry but the value of the whole activity. For the future generations sake create a value of the education in the minds of the people and these kids. Otherwise, expect more fun. Simple!


මාතෘකාවට අදාළ නැති හා වෛරී අදහස් ඉවත් කිරීමට ඉඩ ඇති බව කරුණාවෙන් සලකන්න.