Right to Information one of world’s best, but Facebook ban?

Daily Star – 2010

Sri Lanka government is bringing diverse silly arguments to avoid lifting the foolish ban on social media.

Government politicians do not appear more intelligent than the stupid Facebook page admins and other idiots who are blamed for ignitting communal violence via Facebook.

Is Facebook actually responsible so much for recent communal violence? It is, but mainstream media is also equally responsible. But media is just medium and not the message. Hatred in all its forms was planted and spread by men. Over 200 perpetrators of violence in Kandy district are now in custody. But how many ringleaders have been taken?

Likes of Gnanasara who are responsible for growing hatred to the culmination of communal violence are giving interviews to mainstream media, some belong even to the government.

Social media was also the most active space for campaigning against racism. Thanks to government, it has also been silenced.

The irony is government is so proudly speaking about Right to Information they institutionalised while the same government has blocked Facebook on totally false grounds. They boast that Sri Lanka’s Right to Information Act is one of world’s bests. However, their Facebook ban is one of world’s worst blunders. So sorry.

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