Permaculture Design Certificate Course – PRI (14 Days )

PermacultureThe Art & Science of sustainable living, and future proof habitat design

July 1st – July 14th 2018

With Christoff Schneider

Permaculture School – Sri Lanka

Designing Your Future

This intensive course covers the core Permaculture Design Curriculum, with an emphasis on creating diverse, multi-functional human landscapes inspired by ecological patterns.

Originally laid out by permaculture pioneers Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, this course has been refined since it’s inception in the late 1980’s. It will take 80 hours of theory to complete, plus extensive hands on experience.
What is Permaculture

Permaculture is a land management system that consciously and synergistically integrates agriculture and social design principles into the native ecosystem. It offers a practical and creative approach to the problems of diminishing resources and threatened life support systems the world now faces. The core principles of each of these systems is to care for the earth, care for people, conserve, and produce surplus.

Be part of the solution, not a part of the problem!

This 2 week course will arm you with the skills to create resilient, synergistic systems for living, working and community building.

Christoff Schneider


This PDC is certified by Christoff Schneider of the Permaculture Research Institute Australia.
Consultant & Designer with over 15 years of experience.




Course Topics

  • Permaculture Ethics, principles and design of sustainable systems
  • Reading the landscape- land capability assessment
  • Passive solar design for buildings
  • Sustainable energy, “waste” and recycling
  • Appropriate human settlements
  • Personal, family and community strategies
  • Soil management and soil health- improvements and maintenance
  • Garden, farm and urban planning
  • Orchard and food-forest design
  • Alternative economic models and legal structures
  • Catchments, aquaculture and water management (both urban and rural)
  • Re-vegetation, agroforestry, bush food and wildlife
  • Adding value to, and direct marketing of, food
  • Application of Permaculture Design in professions and trades
  • Design processes and practices

During the course, you will be designing your own individual project, ready for presentation at the end of the course.

Reduce your ecological footprint and step into more independence!

Course Language: English

Course Dates and Cost

The course will start on Sunday July 1st at 9am
Students are encouraged to arrive on June 30th
The course will end on Saturday July 14th at 3pm

Costs cover the course fee, full PDC certification, and there are additional options for accommodation and meals.

14 Day PDC Cost:

$560 (reduced price for students and local organic farmers, excluding food and accommodation)

$700 (normal price excluding food and accommodation)

$1400 (companies, NGOs, co-orperations, large farm owners)

$120 (3 meals a day)

$120 (accommodation in tents or mud houses)

Early bird discount $60 off

Reserve your place

Apply for the course by writing to:
For more information about the course contact Mr.Chaminda – +94 77 95 82 690